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"A refuge for abused or unwanted captive born Exotic cats"
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RescueOne is a501(c)3 non-profit Rescue Facility

What's New
As of August 2012, all of the Big Cats featured on this site have been moved out of Ohio ahead of the Ohio Exotic Animal Ban which is to take place in 2014. The Exotics affected by this ban have been moved to qualified sanctuaries in other states. Much Thanks to GFAS, IFAW and Bobbi Brink of Lions, Tigers and Bears for co-ordinating the move.

RescueOne will continue to support and house the many domestic dogs and cats that have been rescued for the duration of their lives.  

This Website will remain as a memorial to these beautiful, wonderful animals. They are not just "wild" animals. They are capable of thought, emotions and showing affection. The opportunity to have worked with these animals is absolutely priceless!

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